About us

Techno Engineering & Associates is a well-established International Consulting firm, operating in the Balkans, Eastern Europe, Northern Africa, Latin America and the Middle East, specialized in providing expert commercial advice on all aspects related to construction contracts, construction law and including the preparation, substantiation and defence of complex Construction Claims and Dispute Resolution through international adjudication, arbitration and other available means.

We operate as one consulting firm, consistently maintaining high standards of personnel and services to enable us to provide to our clientele the best and most appropriate response and advice to any challenge presented to us.
Our multi-jurisdictional capabilities are second to none in our fields of expertise, while also assisting our clients to enter new markets or develop their business in their current markets.

With more than 130 highly skilled and dedicated personnel, Techno Engineering & Associates is able to offer diligent support to its clients by sharing a common view problem solving approach, where different opinions are considered and analysed before any advice is given.

Our mission

The construction and energy sectors internationally face increasingly complex legislation, a highly competitive market and growing environmental constraints, both at home and abroad.

At Techno Engineering & Associates, we understand these challenges. We deliver clear, commercial contractual, technical and legal advice to help our clients resolve their problems and achieve their business objectives.

  • We aim for simple, transparent allocation of risks in contract negotiations.
  • We provide strategic advice to anticipate and prevent potential problems during the course of a project.
  • When disputes arise, we act decisively. Arbitration and Litigation are a last resort, but when necessary we will vigorously defend the interests of our clients in adjudication, arbitration and litigation.

Our mission is to balance incisive legal analysis with practical, multi-disciplinary project and claim management advice, tailored to the specific circumstances.

Our vision

"Change is inevitable – respond with precision and speed, but maintain balance."

These principles are embedded in the operations of our business as well as our underlying culture - they are at the heart of what we are about, at the core of who and what we are and the origin of our inception.

As we hold on to this vision, we focus on understanding the needs of our clientele in order to go beyond our common goals and enjoy together the results of our accomplishments.

As pioneers in the fields of our activities, we are always ready to tackle new challenges alongside our clients.

We preserve calm in difficult business environments and rely on the proven trust in our multi-jurisdictional team of professionals to explore efficient and appropriate solutions to their problems, sometimes defying the odds.

Our history of success mirrors our vision for the future.

Our values

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