Contract Management Assistance

Contract management is a specialized process that enhances the proper delivery of the construction process. Inherently, the importance and benefits of effective contract management is being increasingly recognized and the role of the professionals involved in the contract management process is one of great responsibility.

TE&A provides 360 degree contract management assistance to our clients, accepting responsibilities arising in the process. We appreciate that the operating conditions of different projects vary and we tailor our approach depending on the conditions of each individual project, not only technically, but sympathetic to the circumstances of the contractor and its contractual relationship with its employer.

Under the current competitive and demanding conditions, organisations in both the public and private sectors are facing increasing pressure to reduce costs and improve performance; it is therefore recommended that all modern techniques of contract and project management be initiated and deployed.

The services we provide are based on our market knowledge and International contracting know-how, which we are convinced make our approaches unique.