Our values


At TE&A our values as International Consulting Engineers, Contracts Managers and Advisors define us, govern our relationship with our clients and partners and motivate us to exceed their expectations in every project we deliver!

The ideals and values that we established continue to guide the way we operate today – even as we evolve to meet ever-changing international market requirements and business conditions. The values which shape our mode of conduct and decision-making are:


Our reputation as a trustworthy business partner is of paramount importance to our team and is absolutely critical to our present and future business success.

Honesty, professionalism and ethical behavior play an integral part in our communication and the way we provide our services.

We constantly aim towards improving our knowledge through continuous research and development in order to meet and exceed the highest expectations of our clients and industry.

Our team is encouraged to look for new ways to improve individual and group performance in order to achieve common goals. Individual rewards and promotions are performance based.

We take full responsibility for any advice provided by our company. Every issue dealt with is of paramount importance to us. We scrupulously analyze every detail and supervise the projects at hand from the onset until successful closure.

Our team is 100% committed to achieving the best possible results, however the Client is always right and has the right to be compensated for any damage encountered as a result of our possible mistakes, which we managed over the years to avoid thanks to our quality assurance system.

Is an irreplaceable part of our professional conduct.

We are convinced that a successful business is based on hard work and honor and the route to success is only open when one conducts itself in a trustworthy and honorable way. We adhere absolutely to the independence and objectivity requirements under which we do business.

Our business goals are only met when we see our clients being successful in their endeavors and fairly rewarded.

Client satisfaction is the ultimate goal our team strives to achieve by the successful closing of every project we work on. We deliver competitive advantages via pragmatic and sustainable solutions, detailed knowledge and 100% commitment at all times.

We developed principles that guide us towards giving straightforward and unequivocal advice to clients. Our employees work in an open and including environment and are encouraged to embrace social responsibility for their conduct and decisions they make.

TEA is a truly international business which embraces corporate responsibility and makes a real effort to behave ethically and always strives to choose the right course of action.